Wisconsin Father and Former Army Captain Goes Off on Senate Majority Leader Who Refuses to Decertify 2020 Election Despite Ample Evidence to Do So

Wisconsin father and former US Army Captain James Tesauro went off on Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader when the Senator belittled the father and said he wasn’t going to do anything about the corrupt results in the 2020 Election despite a Supreme Court Justice’s call to decertify. 

Last week retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman gave a presentation to the Wisconsin State Assembly.  Gableman covered multiple crimes involved in the 2020 Election and based on these and the investigations still ongoing stated that the 2020 Election should be decertified.

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In response to Gableman’s work and the mounds of evidence of election fraud and corruption in the 2020 Election, a Wisconsin father and former US Army Captain, James Tesauro, attended a private meeting with Wisconsin State Senate Majority leader Devin Lemahieu this morning.  The meeting was set up by Sheboygan GOP Chair Russ Otten.

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During the conversation, Lemahieu stated he plans to do nothing in the Senate about decertifying Wisconsin’s election “results” and responded to the father with “are you done” when challenged on this position.

Father and former Army Captain Jame Tesauro responded: “Am I done?  I haven’t even started brother.”

Tesauro is a ten-year Army veteran and former Captain.  He was upset with the way Lemahieu was so dismissive about this election issue even though his constituents are insulted by these actions.  Americans have given their lives to defend this country.  By not standing up for the truth in the 2020 Election, Lemahiew is not looked upon kindly.

Wisconsin Sheboygan County GOP Chairman Russ Otten revisited the discussion saying that as he recalled, Tesauro said to Lemahieu:

With Gableman, chosen by [Speaker] Vos, stating that there is enough evidence to proceed with decertification, and with the majority in both the Assembly and Senate and with the governor having no power to veto, will you move to decertify?  To this Lemahieu’s answer was, “I have no plans to do that.”

It apparently got a little heated from that point on.

Wisconsin’s legislature never should have certified the 2020 Presidential Election.  Now instead of setting things right, they choose to roll over.

In 1776 men stood up to tyranny, in 2022 men cower to criminals. 

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