With Food Prices Soaring, Consider Locking In Today’s Prices With 'Emergency Food'

The Brandon Administration just announced that inflation is on the rise.

And many think Democrats are understating the real rise in food prices.

Watch this Maria Bartiromo report (transcript of highlights below):

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Here’s a transcript of highlights:

Maria Bartiromo: “Food prices globally are at record highs.  The food price index jumped 13% from February to March. Jeff Flock is live in Philadelphia with more on this where we are expecting price hikes or even worse, Jeff, food shortages.”

Some people aren’t waiting for things to get worse.

They’re preparing for food price increases — and food shortages — by stocking up on long-lasting ’emergency food.’

According to one report, Costco has sold out of some of its so-called ’emergency foods’:

The good people at MyPatriotSupply.com still have emergency food on hand (ordering through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit).

If you can afford it, buying prepared food now creates a buffer for when prices go higher.

With a stockpile of ’emergency food,’ you can use the lower-priced prepared food to soften the blow.

People are saying about MyPatriotSupply:

“Product sealed in very durable containers and standing by now for me. No regrets. Absolutely recommend!!”

“Best calories per dollar deal — Over 300 calories per dollar is amazing.”

“The battle to be self reliant is a hand most of the world has lost. Through this company and its outstanding quality we all can sleep easier knowing we are not 9 meals from anarchy.”

Millions of American families have already got their emergency food from MyPatriotSupply.com — making it the largest preparedness company in the nation.

Their food kits are packed with 2,000-plus calories a day and last a long time — some for as long as 30 years.

When you order buckets of long-lasting food, you can put them in a closet or back pantry — and worry less about what your family will need as food prices go higher.

Worst case, you’ve got enough food to last.

To see the latest specials at MyPatriotSupply.com, click here.

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