WNBA Champion Team Stuck with Kamala and Doug After Joe Biden Ditches White House Celebration and EXTENDS His Vacation (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Joe and Dr. Jill extended their vacation amid multiple crises at home and abroad.

80-year-old Brandon has spent more than a solid year on vacation with no visitor logs.

Brandon is in hiding all day after his main political rival Donald Trump was arrested for the 4th time.

Joe was supposed to host the 2022 WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces at the White House on Friday, but they got Kamala and her effeminate husband Doug instead.

The Aces were invited to the White House after they defeated the Connecticut Sun last year.

Joe ditched their White House celebration because he was too busy lounging around in a luxury Lake Tahoe villa.

“President Brandon and Dr. Brandon could not join us today,” Harris said cackling.


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