Word on the Street Is Democrats and RINO's Will Use WaPo this Week in Effort to Discredit Experts Involved in Investigation of Pennsylvania Voting Machines

The anti-American regime continues its attacks on all fronts.  They will use the courts, media, and politicians to stop legitimate efforts to investigate and determine if our elections are free and fair.  These people don’t love our country, not if they won’t support integrity in our elections.

An investigation of Dominion voting machines in Fulton County, Pennsylvania continues to be stalled by Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State and the Dominion company.  Their efforts to prevent the investigation have reached the Pennsylvania Supreme Court who stepped in and stopped the audit from moving forward.

Now our sources tell us that the Washington Post has been working on a piece to discredit those involved in the Pennsylvania Senate investigation. It seems the provincials couldn’t get the job done, so they called in the DOJ’s literary hit team.

The Pennsylvania investigation is unlike the work in Maricopa County, Arizona.  The work in Pennsylvania is being conducted professionally, methodically, and without the media circus.  This is not saying these investigators will not be transparent.  They will videotape all work in a manner that can be used in the court of law.  This investigation must scare the uniparty because, within 30 days of hitting the ground, the first target of the investigation ends up at the highly partisan, Democrat activist Pennsylvania Supreme Court which currently sits on the case brought forward.

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It seems like Pennsylvania Democratics and RINOs don’t want to expose the real issues involving Dominion and what appears to be a non-existing process and procedure for voting machine and software testing and certification.  We’ve already reported on how the voting machines aren’t likely ‘hardened’ because of the software identified on these machines.

Dominion is Panicking in Pennsylvania Because Their Machines Likely Weren’t Properly ‘Hardened’ and Shouldn’t Have Ever Been Put in Use

For many of the country-wide election investigation cases to date involving election boards, counties, or states, and Dominion Voting Machines, the mysterious Ryan Macias shows up.  We’ve previously reported on Macias.  He reportedly showed up as a journalist in Maricopa then when identified was designated as an elections expert.  He showed up in Michigan and Georgia and recently in Pennsylvania.  He claims to be an expert but a look at his resume and the work to be performed in Pennsylvania shows that he likely lacks the real expertise necessary to even understand the work scheduled to be performed.  In Pennsylvania, the investigators will look into the voting machines using an IT and Cyber focus which Macias lacks on his resume.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: PA Secretary of State and Dominion Bring in Election ‘Expert’ and Profiteer Ryan Macias in PA Supreme Court Filing But Macias Likely Has Little Knowledge of Work Scheduled to Take Place

It seems that the Pennsylvania Senate has caught on to Macias and decided to check him out. Macias and his company RLM Solutions is a weak link to the Democrats’ operations to cover up the fraud in the November 2020 election. Two weeks ago, several ‘Right to Know’ requests hit the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s Office as well as the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office concerning Mr. Macias and his involvement in various Pennsylvania election activities. The response from the Secretary of State and Attorney General to these requests was that this information is privileged and therefore was not provided.  They are claiming privilege because Macias completed an affidavit used by the state in their filing with Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court?

This leads us to the far-left Washington Post, the official blog of the Department of Justice, who we’ve heard was hired to do a hit piece this week on those involved in the Pennsylvania investigation. Our source tells us that the WaPo will likely pitch the angles that the Pennsylvania Senate investigation is being run by a “club of some former Military guys”, or that the “vendor has no experience investing elections”.  Whatever the smear, this is just another effort to discredit and intimidate anyone from conducting a real and honest investigation into the 2020 Election irregularities and the integrity of the entire election process.
We don’t know yet what Pennsylvania’s election investigation will yield, but, considering that the Pennsylvania Democratic and RINO mafia has contracted WaPo for a hit job, it is likely that the investigative team has struck a nerve.

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