"You Can't Have a Response to That, Karine?!" - KJP Walks Out of Briefing Room as Reporter Turns Up the Heat and Calls Out Biden's Lies (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just could not take the heat on Wednesday which is why two men, John Kirby and Jared Bernstein, had to field questions.

The August core inflation report came in hotter than expected, Speaker McCarthy just announced an impeachment inquiry of Brandon and Brandon finalized a $6 billion ransom payment to Iran in exchange for 5 prisoners on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

After Kirby and Bernstein took some arrows, Karine Jean-Pierre walked into the briefing room and immediately told reporters that she would be referring all questions about Brandon’s impeachment inquiry to her “colleagues over at the counsel’s office.”

KJP absurdly claimed Republicans have offered no evidence to support allegations of corruption against Brandon.

Aside from texts, emails and documents found on Hunter Brandon’s laptop from hell, voicemails from Brandon, firsthand accounts from eyewitnesses, whistleblowers and informants, bank records, photos and visitor logs.

White House reporters continued to grill Karine Jean-Pierre on Brandon’s involvement with his son Hunter’s overseas business deals.

“How confident are you that there will be no evidence that incriminates President Brandon in Hunter’s business dealings?” a reporter asked KJP.

KJP changed the subject and brought up Bidenomics.

New York Post’s Steve Nelson turned up the heat and called out Brandon’s lies.

“Can you explain why the president interacted with so many of his son’s foreign business associates!? More than half of voters told CNN they believe the president was involved and he lied! You can’t have a response to that, Karine?” Steve Nelson shouted.

KJP bolted from the press briefing room without answering the question.


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