"You Have Evidence of Real Crimes" - Hero Rep. and Attorney Greg Steube (R-FL) Explains His Impeachment Charges Against Joe Biden (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Popular Florida Representative and attorney introduced impeachment articles against President Brandon this weekend, becoming one the first members of his Republican party colleagues to jump-start the process.

Steube introduced the articles of impeachment as fellow Republicans, afraid of their own shadows, refuse to act.

If Hunter Brandon was a black man he’s be serving 5 to 10 for his gun charges.
If Brandon was a normal American he would be serving at least 20 years for bribery, fraud, extortion, and involvement in prostitution.

Rep. Greg Steube: “You have real evidence of crimes. Not just the financial evidence but corroborating witness testimony.

I feel like it’s our obligation as members of Congress to stand up for America when we see crimes being committed by the President while he was Vice President…

I 100% think we need to do that because of the clear evidence of crimes that have been committed by Brandon and his family members.”

Republican lawmakers must act or sit out the next election.

Via Kanekoa the Great.

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