"You Virtue Signaling Devil in a Blue Dress!"

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul delivered remarks at St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church in New York City on Wednesday night when an outraged protester slammed the Democrat lawmaker for forcing residents of the state to comply with dangerous COVID vaccine mandates.

“Why don’t you tell them about the camps? Why don’t you tell them about the camps, huh, governor?” the heckler yelled as Hochul received jeering applause by attendees of the mass. “Why don’t you tell the children about cancer that’s going into these bioweapons that you just injected them with? Why don’t you tell them about that, you devil in a blue dress?”

“You’re a devil in a blue dress.  You’re a wench okay, do you understand? You don’t care about Ukraine til now– yes, you virtual signaling devil in a blue dress, look at you.”

Attendees surrounding the protester demanded he leave the church.

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“Please, sir, this is not the time,” a woman said.

“Alright, just letting you know she’s killing you,” he shot back. “She’s putting you in camps. We know about the camps in Newburgh, okay. She has containment camps that she put into order using a health regulation. She’s going to lock us all up.


Allegations leveled by the heckler about in the published BeFree.NYC about camps being in Newburgh, NY  have not been verified by the Gateway Pundit.

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