"Your Administration is a Propaganda Machine Spreading Misinformation. Everything You Do and Say Is a Lie"

The guy can hardly walk.  Every time he walks across the White House lawn you think he’s going to fall.  He lifts his feet like a weak 78-year-old.  You really think the grass is going to catch his foot and he will come tumbling over.  However, you’ll never know it from the picture above.

The White House released a picture of Brandon today showing him saluting as he gets ready to board a chopper for transport.  It’s a sunny day and Joe looks alert.

The tweet shares:

I’m on my way to Europe to rally the international community in support of Ukraine and ensure Putin pays a severe economic cost for his war of choice.

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It sounds and looks good…. but it is a lie.  One individual on Twitter pointed out that today in Washington it was cloudy.  The above picture could not have been taken today.  It’s a lie.  It was cloudy all day and rainy.  This tweet was fake, funny, and false.

Will Twitter take this down?   

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