'Your Warsaw Will Disappear in a Split Second" - Russian Talking Heads Threaten EU with Nuclear Strike

On Tuesday Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Russia will use nuclear weapons if faced with an “existential threat.”

Dmitry Peskov is not the only Russian official making threats against the West.

Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko warned a Russian television audience, “The West will never lift the sanctions from Russia… This is war. What should be our reaction? Tactical nuclear weapons as battlefield arms…”

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The United States and Western allies declared war on Russia last month when they shattered its stock market and announced severe economic sanctions on the country after the invasion of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s highest-paid propagandist Vladimir Soloviev (Solovyov) and his tema of “experts” at Russia’s largest TV channel sent new threats:

Vladimir Soloviev: “If you decide to prepare NATO peacekeepers and bring them in, this will mean a nuclear war. This was told to French journalists on February 8. Brave Poles, your Warsam will disappear in a split second. Brave Germans, brave Estonians, brave Baltic states. By the way, brave Baltic states, I know there are big problems at the border in Kaliningrad. Maybe it’s time we think about a corridor to Kaliningrad? A land corridor to Kaliningrad. Why not? If we are making one to Transnistria, why not?”

Russia is not backing down.

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