YouTube Pulls 'Five For Fighting' Music Video Exposing Tragedy Of Biden's Afghanistan Surrender

Big tech is covering up for the disaster that is the Brandon administration.

Singer John Ondrasik uploaded a music video to YouTube exposing the consequences of Brandon’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

He included images and videos showing the persecution that is ongoing in Afghanistan.

YouTube citing their “graphic content policy” removed the video.

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Just The News reported:

Singer John Ondrasik is the latest victim of Big Tech’s censorial purge.

Ondrasik, best known by his musical pseudonym Five for Fighting, blasted the Brandon administration late last year for its calamitous Afghanistan withdrawal.

He included the graphic material to make a point.

“To not show said Taliban atrocities in any artistic statement on Afghanistan would be a gross injustice to the victims and enable the Taliban’s ongoing persecution of 40 million Afghan citizens,” he said in that social media statement.

Five days later, the clip was gone.

YouTube claimed the video violated the platform’s “graphic content policy,” Ondrasik shared via Twitter.

You can view the video still on Twitter:

Despite promising to stay until everyone was out, the Brandon administration stranded thousands of Americans in Afghanistan.

This included American families.

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The Brandon administration’s bungled withdrawal also led to 13 US service members being killed.

During the service members’ dignified transfer, Brandon checked his watch at least five times showing how little he cared.

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